The manner in which you spend your money on a daily basis will have an impact on your long term financial potential. It is important that you carefully assess your spending on a daily basis. It is advisable that you create a budget and try to stick to it. Your budget will automatically give you an estimate on how much you need to spend on a daily basis. Your day-to-day expenses should be pre-planned so that you do not spend over and above what you had planned. You need to learn from the very beginning to take control of your finances.

In a day, there are specific things you may need or have to spend on, this are things like transport, lunch, fuel if you drive, parking fees, groceries etc. Depending on your needs when you are writing your budget, you have to find ways to accurately divide how much you think you will spend on a daily basis. You should always keep money aside for your daily expenses. There are ways to save on your daily spending. For example, you can choose to carry lunch from home instead of buying or you can buy a bus ticket or pay parking fees that caters for the entire month. There are great bargains when you go for the offers and this could save you more than you expected.

You can also keep a small log or diary of your daily expenses. This is important because these expenses are usually the hardest to keep track of. If you are buying groceries, check your cupboards and pantry to ensure that you do not purchase things you already have.

Ensure that you stick to your list once you go shopping. Before you make a large purchase, it is important that you take sometime to think before you commit to it. If you learn to manage your small needs, it will be easy to manage the bigger ones.

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